Out with the old, in with the new; and promises!

“Out there somewhere” is being shut down at the end of March, so I have decided to create a new blog;  a new look and a promise and commitment to upload regularly.

That was a project to keep in contact with friend and family while I was travelling, but facebook won that battle as extra long status’ were a lot easier to post in the limited time I had when I was lucky enough to have Wifi.

I will try to create a link or menu or something to put in this space so that they are accessible. The new blog is not some attempt to run away from the past 😛

I have also been chewing on the creativity bone since many things have been catching my attention.

*Cobwebs have also started to disperse in my head (but slowly re-emerging)  after completing a long pretty walk across Spain.

*I will be starting a diploma in education in February. You know what that means? Lot’s of time staring at the computer and probably staying up so late at night that the little brain cells that lie sleeping during the day are activated and start causing a lot of trouble.

I am going to try and make things as interesting as possible and I am aiming to make my posts come from my experiences walking the Camino de Santiago. Some will be serious, some will be spiritual, some will be funny. I will try to group them accordingly so you don’t have to read what doesn’t interest you. But I assure you, they are all pieces to the puzzle that makes the bigger picture.

Now, to find my way around the gizmos and gadgets of this wordpress blog… Oh brother!