Pilgrimage through Spain as a polliwog (#1)

I sit here looking at my little gift that weighs a thousand kilos in worth; thinking of how I came by it. It’s a small metallic token, that resembles a tadpole fashioned in an oriental looking way. A polliwog, a symbol of transformation and a sign of luck. It’s in my hands to remind me of the constant change the world is in, and the change in me. Sometimes, it  is better to roll with that change than fight against it (Personal Growth) and when you embrace this,  you can see the light you are looking for. It is a token of real friendship and a token to remind me of what I can bring to people’s lives and what they see in me.

Thanks Willy 🙂


I suddenly warp through images;  of the fields, rocks, mountains, rivers and of the physical pains, joys and moments of awe I experienced on the journey I undertook last year.

I will write a series of posts with a number beside them to indicate that they belong to my diary of the Camino de Santiago  that I walked from September 11 to October 16  last year through the Spanish country side. I begun my walk in France in a town bordering Spain called St Jean Pied De Port. I like walking (apparently alot)  and so I did it for over 800 kms.

The Camino is a pilgrimage and throughout my posts I will include all the “talk”, history, feelings and popular beliefs regarding this walk are that I learned along the way.  I don’t want to write about my camino solely logistically. However, I will share what I do know and if you are interested you can contact me for more information.

Camino? What is a Camino? A little bit of history

It’s roots as a pilgrimage date back to pagan times, but it is better known as a Christian pilgrimage established during the middle ages, in the times of los templarios (The Knights of Templars). It is believed that the apostle Saint James walked this  way to the western coast of Spain, spreading the word of Christ. A Cathedral can be found at Santiago de Compostela (James of “Field of Stars” which holds the meaning burial ground) where it is said the bones of St. James lay.

The Scallop shell is a symbol of this way as is the cross of Saint James. The shell is representative of the way as St James walked to the coastal town of Finisterre. During these times  Finisterre was believed to be the end of the world – such that Columbus set sail from here- and it was the most western point and if you walked here, you basically were journeying to the end of the world.


The shell also signified your completion of the walk as you had to get to the coast in order to get one, you had achieved the way. History tells that many prisoners were sent from France (from towns like Lu Puy and St Jean and many others) to walk this way in order to repent for whatever crimes they had committed. Pilgrims walked this way to repent their sins, get away from their horrid medieval lives and to be closer to their God, their Christ and honour the memory of St James.

Why walk for so long? 

The reasons are plenty and I will spend longer writing about those also, but just to give you an idea:

People begin their camino from many places in the world, some in phases and some all at once. Some people walk for weeks and weeks, just for sport, or for their love for God, or for spiritual reasons, just to walk, or for a cheap holiday if you happen to be Spanish.

As you see this is not merely a two-dimensional topic, and I have learned so much from it that I want to share, I will write posts based on my experiences, stories, phases of the walk and try to keep to a timeline. I will try my best to keep it to chronological order, especially when it comes to the characters I met along the way, so that the story flows!

The title of this blog is actually named after one of the thoughts I had while I walked my Way …

I was walking through the woods, a few days from Santiago De Compostela, and it was raining something hard, the blisters on my feet did not permit me to wear my waterproof boots that did not even keep out the water, so I was walking in flip flops, flicking mud onto the back of my legs as I did so. Walking along, singing loudly as I had no permanent walking companions at this point. All my friends were either behind me or ahead of me and I needed some solitude to gather my thoughts and finally find my own strength. Positive words of encouragement always helped me keep my stride keep walking but they weren’t around when I stepped into a puddle of mud or felt water seeping through my poncho down my back. I, like many others had my hood on all day looked, watched out for rolling rocks and pebbles, and swum against the muddy tide. It was simply never ending and it kept flowing, mixing with the poops of all the bacas all over the darn place.

After this negative moment I told myself to snap out of it. I had come this far, and I had done it with help or alone but I had done it. With my own two feet. Many people had advice what I should do, what I shouldn’t do bla bla bla. But at the end of the day I did it with my own two feet. It was my own little left and right sweet beautiful little toes that I put through hell that did the walking. My body and my will kept me going no matter what was happening physically and mentally.

This wasn’t a “omg I did it” moment, it was more in the sense that in life, sometimes we are dreading moments or dreading situations because we don’t know that we can actually do it, and with all the help we get to achieve anything at the end of the day it needs good old fashioned elbow grease. This is not to say that people expect things to be given just that occasionally the advice of others can interfere with our dreams and it’s until we walk the path ourselves do we know whether it is the right way to go by us.This seems simple, but lives are complicated these days by external factors.

And I thought… jeez, I could write a book about all this ish and call it…. My Own Two Feet.

Way to be cheesy huh.

I hope that I will have your audience and I look forward to questions/comments/suggestions, which I think does not require being logged in to do so.

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If you’ve read this far thank you thank you thank you!

Later Alligators!


Career Crossroads: A 20 Something Epidemic.


As a pre-teen I loved Daria. She always had something to say that was not always what other people wanted to hear. The truth is not always glamorous and it’s not mysterious or sensationalised. Her blunt, often morbid and realistic opinions were always expressed with some sarcasm which always made me laugh.

I am sure I am not alone when I say that we are exposed to images like this all the time. Images that offer such wise short and sweet advice on life that is going to solve all of your problems. But this one made me realise this is something that has been on my mind lately.

There are a few different types of people : workers and non workers, and in the workers category there is a plethora of types of workers. I happen to fall into this category that has this fear.  A job is not just a job to me.

If it was, I probably would have stayed in my previous employment and doing what I needed to do there to grow and advance in that industry. But I’m too stubborn for that so I was like – yeah.. no.

But I think if you need to be “not stubborn” about it, then it just isn’t for you. It is comforting to see many capable intelligent 20 somethings having completing one or more degrees, an apprenticeship or a job they have been in for a while; and feeling the need to throw in the towel or close a chapter on something they have been doing thus far.

I have named my blog my own two feet, because there have been some things I have had to learn with my own feet and some difficulties that no one can carry you through that you just have to walk it with your own two feet.

And that’s what I find with this career stuff, well for me anyways. For the longest time the idea of what to do was there, but I never had the foresight and the vision as I do now. Now I can’t wait to wake up and teach. I hope this isn’t another one of those bright ideas I have. It feels real this time.
Although, so did every other idea I had every week growing up. But this just feels like all the pieces of the puzzle are what I have learnt on the way to this point.
Now there is an idea big enough for me to make something of and a goal small enough to step onto to begin with.
I will be a qualified secondary teacher, because I love teaching/tutoring, I love inspiring education and I love the way learning and understanding gives adolescents a sense of achievement and confidence. I can’t wait to take this first step to getting to my career related dreams.
A job that I won’t hate or resent ,and a job in which I can flourish in and make of it what I am meant to. And it seems like it takes some time to get to an epiphany such as this, because how is a teenager supposed to know what experience and life teaches along the way?

Especially with all the career choices available right now. Such complex titles… no wonder so many of us are caught in the crossroads.

But there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel to the dream job that will make you bound out of bed each morning and give that satisfaction that you are looking for. Heck yeah!!
But it does take courage and risk, but surely it is worth it.

Out with the old, in with the new; and promises!

“Out there somewhere” is being shut down at the end of March, so I have decided to create a new blog;  a new look and a promise and commitment to upload regularly.

That was a project to keep in contact with friend and family while I was travelling, but facebook won that battle as extra long status’ were a lot easier to post in the limited time I had when I was lucky enough to have Wifi.

I will try to create a link or menu or something to put in this space so that they are accessible. The new blog is not some attempt to run away from the past 😛

I have also been chewing on the creativity bone since many things have been catching my attention.

*Cobwebs have also started to disperse in my head (but slowly re-emerging)  after completing a long pretty walk across Spain.

*I will be starting a diploma in education in February. You know what that means? Lot’s of time staring at the computer and probably staying up so late at night that the little brain cells that lie sleeping during the day are activated and start causing a lot of trouble.

I am going to try and make things as interesting as possible and I am aiming to make my posts come from my experiences walking the Camino de Santiago. Some will be serious, some will be spiritual, some will be funny. I will try to group them accordingly so you don’t have to read what doesn’t interest you. But I assure you, they are all pieces to the puzzle that makes the bigger picture.

Now, to find my way around the gizmos and gadgets of this wordpress blog… Oh brother!