How to Keep yourself Accountable: the obvious approach

Meeting expectations can be difficult, especially when they are your own.

The reasons for this are :

1) We live in a fast tracked world and want everything to happen as soon as possible.

2) We tend to have a skewed perception of reality and put up high expectations for ourselves.
I believe this often stems from a sheep like societal mentality where just because so and so can fly so can I. But I am a fish… Differences are not often celebrated and high school clique-iness resonates. In adults.

3) Sometimes they are unrealistic like a fish who wants to fly.

However it is possible to reach these heights sometimes encouragement is what helps an individual to carry on.

Social Media Trolls- Hater’s go’n hate

I have noticed people using social media to hold themselves accountable to reaching goals and expectations. You Tube is one of these avenues that I have observed this trend in.

For instance:
Vloggers generally want more subscribers or a personal goal like to get healthy, lose weight or bake a new creation every week.  Thus, they provide their audience with the journey, causing them to feel the need to deliver to the audience either what they want or give them the proof that they have reached one step closer to the promised goal.
And added bonus is, they are often encouraged (exception is the trolls) by their audience as they share their journey. Because let’s face it, most human beings are prone to being too nosy in other people’s lives- on occasion, some more than others etc etc- and want to see how the story is going to end.

You Tube vlogging has  become like show business and the mantra of show biz has always been the show must go on!

What I have also noticed is that sometimes that these goals or expectations reach an entire new level and often some sort of alienation or abandonment. Otherwise known as hateration, by the audience.

This is when we get passive aggressive comments on Facebook regarding people’s “selfies” and hourly updates on their “gains”  and gym activities by the same people who probably liked every post and commented ” Oh you look so amazing” when the subject first began looking emaciated or strangely inflated, but it seems when these people put up too many pics, it is no longer socially acceptable. I use this example because I think it is the easiest to notice, its visual, its physical.

Another instance one can observe hating is through the serial whingers on Facebook. While they aren’t using the media to keep themselves accountable to their goals, any self expression (ironically) annoys the general population.

Then there are those who are aiming to reach academic goals, often do the opposite. Charming us with their interesting ways of procrastination, lack of study, levels of stress, and if you were me, you were posting violent zombie images or “disturbing” Kahlo works (to the untrained eye) as your profile pics. Otherwise known as the more subtle-expressive approach. Quite avant-garde if you ask me.

Gosh there is so much hateration on social media, and often it is appearing to be less and less post driven and often just on it’s own claiming that one type of person is better than another.


I had this post as a draft and I was unsure whether it would be an interesting read or not, however I heard an example today of a positive way to keep yourself accountable and I thought I will share this anecdote with you.

There was a young woman dealing with some rough waters, and so she decided to make a journal of thankfulness. So she posted daily something she was thankful for in order to keep herself doing it by making herself accountable. Her overall goal was to do so every day for one year.

No doubt , there would have been haters who might have said ” Oh gosh not another one” but in the grand scheme of things it really doesn’t matter. Especially if she made her posts meaningful to more than just herself, I don’t see how your friends at least, have a lot to gain from that. Encouraging a cognition shift for the better should make you feel better too, and heck it might encourage you to do the same.

Whatever the subject matter may be, social media is frequently being used by people to be accountable and stick to their goals, contrary to how the “public” actually feel about it.

I mean even for myself, I keep writing, and posting, and use it to keep myself accountable to my promise to write. Does that mean I think what I have to say is worth reading? Not necessarily but just in case someone gets something by reading it, that is enough satisfaction for me.

I have to say I get so much satisfaction from reading blogs from people’s experiences in fields/jobs/ideas that I am interested in.  A blog is often a primary source to both the perception of an idea and an experience! How thrilling! Right?

But for “other” topics I guess all hope lies with the “hide from my newsfeed” option (i.e IN CASE OF EMERGENCY)

Now that isn’t really hating is it?


A penny for your thoughts?

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